I just seen that Samsung commercial..

Wish my phone was working.

Still can’t wrap my mind around sonic’s jalapeño chocolate shake


I pray these curls last through the night.

Idk why those pictures look like that..

Today in Compton

Chris in Compton shooting a video for “Put On” with Compton Menace

asvpblake: How can I listen to it ?

Go to power106.com & click listen live or the iHeartRadio app.

xojazzzmyne: Chris is about to be in power106 again for ppl that wanna listen



Video: Chris Brown Talks Alien Encounters; Translates Alien Audio

✎ Anonymous: Can you make the instagram videos I submitted into gifs? Just the parts of Kae? 😍

I’ll see, but if I do, it won’t be today.


@MarioLopezExtra : Breezy! Had a long & great conversation with @chrisbrown … I’m all caught up. Fun evening #X”